Black Woman Owned Pet Treat Business!

3 years ago, during the quarantine, I like everyone else, was stuck inside with nothin to do, but watch the world shutdown, and play with my pets. While playing tug-o-war, until my arm felt like it was going to fall off, and endless amounts of snuggles and cuddles, I realized that while, I needed to stay healthy, my pets deserved the same consideration. One of my dogs, is a senior dog, and used to be an overweight one at that, but through a home cooked diet, we were able to shed those pounds! The diet I made him, consisted of human food ingredients, and I knew I could bring those same natural benefits, to dogs and cats alike! At Pooch Delight Treats, we focus mainly on fruits, although some of our treats do contain meat, we wanted dogs to get all those delicious benefits from nature's natural candy, that we humans get. After all, pets are a person's best friend! While doing loads of research into what's safe versus not, testing treats on our resident, certified, taste testers, we realized that while these tail waggin' good treats were doing well with our canine friends, we were excluding our feline friends! Going back to the drawing board, we went back into research mode and using our resident, certified, feline pet, we made our gluten free cat treat line. Now Pooch Delight Treats is proud to bring both dog and cat treats, from our pets to yours, that are additive free, yet still delicious! 

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